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Occasional Lulu print problems.

Occasional Lulu print problems. like any on demand printer have a lot of clients and print a lot of stuff. Occasionally something goes wrong with the printing.
Pages smear, or get blurry,  sometimes they slip in the automatic devices that cut and put together the pages. In short,  occasionally things go wrong.
Like this:


If this happens to a book you have ordered from Lulu get in touch with them through their support…

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World-building 105: Here Be Dragons

World-building 105: Here Be Dragons

This is the latest post in my series on world-building and I intend to talk about Ecology. Now you may be thinking, “I just have a fantasy world, of course there are dragons everywhere,” but as always the devil is in the details.

Darwin And The Dragon

Most people know what Evolution is (although they usually have no idea how it actually works), and for world-building it makes a lot more sense to…

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