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Brilliant steampunk image, it could be from my next novel!
I can even name the characters… Wonder if any Alpha readers can guess who I’m thinking these two are? Clue: they aren’t a couple in the book, but they do spend time together.
Btw anyone that wants to become one of my Alpha readers and give me feedback let me know and I’ll add you to the Google drive share.



Rethink, Science World is well known in Canada to award-winning and eye catching advertisements that educate the public.

now when someone asks me if im allergic to anything i can validly say mosquito spit.

What a brilliant concept, why did Dawkins not think of something like this when he a as in charge of promoting science to the masses instead of spitting vitriol at the churches?



Four Billion BCE: Battered Earth 

"No place on Earth was safe. Four billion years ago, during the Hadean eon, our Solar System was a dangerous shooting gallery of large and dangerous rocks and ice chunks."

(The gif below shows impacts over time: “Spatial distribution and sizes of craters formed on the early Earth. Each circle indicates the final estimated crater size; color coding indicates time of impact. Credit: Simone Marchi/SwRI.”)


That’s a lot of rocks and ice



"Heaven" looks like Appalapachia… Coincidence? Budget cuts?

Think it must be deliberate, it’s not like Britain (or even Wales) has only one walled garden, we are almost literally overrun with the things. A hundred years ago building gardens was practically the only hobby the upper classes had that didn’t involve killing things or gambling, as a result we have quite a few.
But honestly there were so many nods to previous episodes in deep breath it started to feel like a clip-show episode.

Is it okay to fictionalise real people for your book?

My latest novel has lead to an interesting quandary for me. I have made a fantasy world that is based on our world’s history. In this Steampunk world I decided that the royal family should remain the same as a point of contact between our world and the story.
Now comes the problem, while one of my Alpha readers really liked the story/Chapter that dealt with the Crown and what was happening to her, another was actually put off the story because it fictionalised real people, and thinks I should cut the story to remove as many of the references to ancillary royals as possible, especially the Duke of Cornwall (in Ironmaster’s universe there is no Prince of Wales) who has taken over defence of the Marches.

I think that heads of state are almost naturally involved in fiction, although in America you can just get away with “Mr President”, it is normal in the UK to include a fictionalised Royal family, where the Monarch is named and many family members are also included, but what do you think?

Should I change the names of the Royal family in my alternate universe because some readers find the idea of a militarily active Prince Charles uncomfortable? Or is this par for the course in alternate history fiction as I believe? I guess I’m also asking (although not really expecting an answer): Does it bother famous people to be fictionalised like this, or not?

If anyone wants to read the chapter in question drop me a message and I’ll sort it out for you to have read access on google drive where the 1st draft is ‘resting’.
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