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For an ongoing series entitled Invading The Vintage, Italian illustrator Franco Brambilla (previously featured here) turns beautiful vintage postcards into awesome works of whimsical science fiction-themed art. AT-ATs gallop down a scenic oceanside street while the Doctor parks the TARDIS outside Downton Abbey (aka Highclere Castle) and heads inside for dinner. A group of iconic sci-fi baddies gather at a waterside resort as a family of Jawas shows up to an outdoor flea market in their Sandcrawler to sell both droids and used cars. Meanwhile ED-209 has some Canadian Mounties to deal and a group of aliens have landed their flying saucer somewhere in the Alps to cool their heels and commune with some Alpine cows.

Brambilla has altered each postcard so thoroughly and subtly that the longer you look at it, the more of additions you’ll notice.

Visit Franco Brambilla’s website and the Invading The Vintage Facebook page for many more geektastically enhanced postcards.

[via io9]

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I was looking for this the other day

To say nothing of the breast-bone enlargement necessary to attach those wing muscles, or how they balance without a tail, or power to weight ratios, or how the lungs would have to adapt to allow aerobic functioning at altitude and under carbon-dioxide production far greater than running generates.

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